Monthly Archives: August 2005

Who Says Cats and Dogs Don’t Mix?

A lot of your dog’s traits depend primarily on how you raise him/ her. Everything we read prior to purchasing our dog discouraged introducing a dog to a cat but recommended, if necessary, to do so very early in the dogs life.

Our pets have done nothing but grow together as they grew up and it seems that they don’t even see a difference in each other anymore. On some occasions we even catch this brother and sister snuggling on the couch. Although we never bring much attention to it for fear of startling one of them and ruining the moment at times like this we are glad we introduced them.

As an exception to the rule, we cherish Continue reading

Dogo, Meet Horse

Curious about a dog’s reaction to a horse we asked around trying to find a horse owner that would allow them to meet. We had no luck for a long time and then decided to match the colour of our Dogo Argentino and turned the search to finding a cow owner.

We had no luck in this search either and almost gave up hope. But then we visited a friend and noticed that his neighbour had a horse. And the horse was standing right on the edge of the properties!

Finally – a bit of luck!

Our dog was a bit timid at first but before anything more Continue reading

Dog: A Man’s Best Friend?

No longer can my husband go out without picking up something for our dog. Whether it’s a treat or a toy, Corona is one spoiled dog.

This man always has our dog on his mind whether it’s for a new diet or some activity to play.

Our weekend outings now depend on whether or not our dog can go with us.

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Make Shift Dog Bed

On the way home from a long day almost anything is comfortable enough for our dog to sleep on. Even though we rolled down her window our dog wanted nothing more than to rest.

The entire way back our dog slept peacefully which made for an unusually quite ride home.

Usually we’re fighting with her to stay in her own Continue reading

Dogo Learns to Swim

Webbed paws on a dog indicate that its breed is typically meant to swim. Despite this, the first swim for a dog is as overwhelming as it is to a child.

We were very excited in getting our dog to swim and tried to encourage it but a dog will tell you when he/ she is ready. Our dog loved splashing in the shallow water and chose to experience this for a long time before venturing further in.

Once she did find her swimming ability things Continue reading