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Through the Eye’s of a Dogo

The eyesight of a dog is something to be concerned with when choosing the right breed for you. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to tell if an excited puppy is having trouble seeing but the right research and breeders should prepare you.

Also, some breeds may not start off with eye problems but may encounter them with age. The best step to take if you plan to breed your new dog is to check with the CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) for your best options.

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Dogo + Pitbull = Mirror Image?

Many dog owners and lovers believe that they’ve seen it all so it shocks them to see a Dogo Argentino in Canada. The audience is always quick to claim the dog a pitbull and, although there are similarities there are quite a few differences as well.

A believer of a dog only being as bad as its upbringing, I am amazed to see how quickly our dog learns trick versus a friend’s pitbull. Not the only difference, this is the most astonishing. As the Dogo grows up, the appearance is usually a sure sign that it is not a pitbull.

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A Dogo Argentino’s Hips

With any large breeds of dogs Hip Dysplasia is a major concern. If you acquire a dog from a breeder, be sure to ask them for hip certification papers so you will know your puppy’s history.

Although hip problems can’t be entirely avoided but there are precautions you can take to prolong it from happening. Your vet should be aware of the fact that most white haired breeds have a lot of typical problems and should help you with them.

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To Clip or Not to Clip

The show standards for a Dogo Argentino require the dog’s ears to be cropped according to the size of his/ her head. Since the purpose of their breed was originally to hunt wild board, floppy ears would be considered a hindrance. Being easy for prey to grab and rip, they are usually cropped in the shape of a triangle.

Since the Canadian Dog Association does not yet recognize the breed, we are not able to have our dog participate dog shows. This doesn’t concern us, however, as we love our Dogo’s unclipped ears which add character to her face.

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Anyone for Bone?

Often times we need to find something that amuses our dog, just to give us some peace of quiet. A Kong filled with peanut butter, rolled pigskin and more used to keep our dog busy for twenty minutes or so but not she zips right through these obstacles.

We upgraded our dog to large bones much to her delight, which can be purchased at our local pet store. It is amazing to see how quickly our dog takes her first bite or shred of the bone but we have yet to see her have her last. Our dog does get bored of this treat so we take it away, store it in a plastic bag, and return it to her at a later date. This makes it a whole new treat for her and keeps her entertained all over again.

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