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Dress Her Up But You Can’t Take Her Out

Corona is a pretty easy going dog when it comes to dressing her up but when kids are involved there’s no telling what she will do. Being raised with young cousins, our Dogo Argentino just loves playing with children.

So when we dress her up for Halloween, we don’t take her out trick-or-treating but just door to door at our relative’s houses. Not to mention, any candy she would get would only make her more active, something we’re not ready to participate in.

So this year we hope that you’ll invite Princess Pooch Continue reading


Possibly the first dog our Corona met, Jade was probably the most enjoyed. Curious in the beginning it wasn’t long before the two dogs were playing and ‘dogging’ around.

Part Rotweiler and part Sheppard, Jade is a wonderful dog who generally minds her manners. This dog just loves to go for drives and doesn’t mind waiting in the car while you take your time running errands. The colouring of this dog is thanks to the Rottweiler but her heart is pure Sheppard.

A dog that was able to keep up with ours, Continue reading

A Beer Buddy

Guinness is a very excitable Rottweiler who belongs to one of our dear friends in Ontario. Meeting him was actually the first sign of seeing how energetic my husband could be with a large dog. The moment will forever be in my memory.

Rich in colour as is the beer; Guinness is one beautiful, intelligent dog growing up in a loving environment with two young children. This dog is as friendly and as loyal as a dog can get. It was hard to leave this pup without knowing when we’d be meeting again.

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Mags, Larry’s Big Sister

A devoted family dog, this Rottweiler is an awesome of a nice dog. Rumours put a bad temper to the breed but there are plenty of exceptions to that “rule”- Maggie being one of them.

Raised with plenty of cats, this girl has plenty of patience and cuddling power although you don’t want to be the one who wakes her up from her nap.

A powerhouse, by all senses of the word, Mags is very well liked but most friendly people and dogs. Ours loved her as a pup but yearns to play with her now that they are full grown. Larry and Continue reading

Larry: The Tough Sookie

American Staffordshire Terriers look like an army tank on paws but looks can be deceiving in animals as well as humans. This particular power house will protect when necessary but Larry is one big dog that loves to cuddle.

A typically strong and athletic dog, the American Staffordshire Terrier can be easily trained to be almost everyone’s best friend. Known to his family as Larry-Bear, his dog will bring out the claws if you mess with his pack.

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