Monthly Archives: November 2005

Sleeping Soundly

We have probably hundreds of pictures of this dog sleeping, some being cuter than others. Everyone we talk to who has a pet has plenty of pictures which show how peacefully they sleep. For this reason we encourage digital cameras because although you may think the pose is cute when taking the pictures, years from now it may bore.

Having spent tons of money on film development and photo albums, you’ll probably dread pulling them out to show anyone. If taken with a digital you can be much more creative with the pictures or, if all else fails, delete it.

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Telling Secreats

The relationship our dog and cat have is enough to make you jealous. We were fortunate enough to catch these animals cozying on the couch. Being patient we were able to get a variety of close ups of our cat and dog in this position.

We often catch these two playing tag or hide and seek but now they have us wondering if they plot against us when we are not looking. The mischievous grins are enough to make us worry. Scientists are still trying to prove that animals of the same kind can communicate; it amazes us to own animals of different kinds that have learned the same language.

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A Cat Who Thinks He’s a Dog

Russ, our beloved cat, never seemed to be at home when it was only him and one other cat and we were shocked to discover why. He thinks that he’s a dog and we’ve been treating him a cat.

Once we brought our dog home and filled our house with dog treats and toys Russ became happy. We don’t try to encourage his phase but we don’t discourage his adventures either. As long as we are home, Corona plays rather nicely and Russ is free to enjoy her toys.

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A Perfect Combination

After spending the afternoon roughing it out with my husband, while I spent the afternoon with our nephew, Corona was quick to volunteer to be “pretty”. Eyeing the brush, our nephew called our dog over and spent a few minutes grooming her.

Being excited and ready to play our dog wouldn’t stay still for very long but loves the getting her picture taken and being brushed. Allergies cause this dog to itch so when someone does the scratching for her she couldn’t be happier.

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Is It Going to Fit?

Wanting to keep our dogs head war during the coming months I decided to knit her a hat. Before I got far into it I had to make sure that it was going to fit. With a few lines stitched I was unable to remove the needles but, half dozed and the center of attention, Corona didn’t seem to mind. We even saw evidence of anticipation in her dark, tired eyes.

Being a very easy going dog as long as she’s rewarded, she’ll dress up in almost anything we get her. As long as all eyes are on her she never seems to care what we have her doing.

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