Monthly Archives: December 2005

Take a Break

After a long drive and a lot of excitement of meeting a roomful of dogs, our pooch just needed a minute to rest. Finding Porters head soft enough for hers she rested before gaining more energy than ever before.

Being concerned of Porters reaction to becoming a pillow, we all kept a close eye on them (even though mine was through the lens). The two dominant dogs surprised us again by remaining calm and happy.

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Oh Corona Dog (to be sung to tune of Oh Christmas Tree)

Oh Corona Dog, Oh Corona Dog
Of all the breeds least recognized.
Our Dogo Dog, Our Dogo Dog
Of all our pets the largest.
Each day you bring to us delight,
Whimpering throughout the night.
Oh Corona Dog, Our Corona dog
Of all your friends most hyper.

Our baby girl, Our baby girl
With loving eyes unchanging.
Oh sookie dog, Oh sookie dog
With curious nose ever smelling.
Your fur is white, save for your tail,
Which blends too well with winter’s snow.
Where’s Corona girl, Where’s Corona girl?
We last saw her in the snow.

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Happy as a Clown

It’s a good feeling when you see your dog this happy, especially when you are having a good time too. This smile was definitely contagious throughout the room; unfortunately no other brilliant smiles were caught on camera.

Many people think that all American Pit Bill Terrier are cranky dogs but Loki is a delight to be around (unless you’re a cat, so I’ve heard). It’s hard to believe this dog would be able to harm anything while smiling this widely; it would be especially hard to muzzle.

Corona just loves dog friends to play with but settles for brilliant Continue reading

Pretty Kitties

Even the owner of these two greyhounds admits that they have more characteristics of a cat than a dog. Although Fred promises to be a great influence on Okie, both dogs need some beefing up before being a full blown dog. Once they are tougher the opportunities for play dates will be endless.

Fred is so “fit” his rib cage is visible and Okie, well Okie is Okie. Once the owner relaxes a bit more (he’s come a long way already) we hope to let the dogs play with ours so matter what time of day we happen to visit.

The physical well being of every dog is always a main concern of ours but the mental Continue reading