Monthly Archives: January 2006

I Guess She’s an Extra Large

We often wish that Corona could accompany us into stores so that she can try things on before we buy them. It’s a lot of hassle to buy, try on and have to return them but when we get a stellar picture like this we don’t seem to mind.

We were very excited to find this jacket at Old Navy as the whole family would match so we were extremely disappointed to know that they were sold out of our dog’s size.

So we’ll return the jacket to our nearest Continue reading

How High Can She Jump?

Jumping is one talent we haven’t concentrated on with our dog as in our house it’s not necessary. When we visited our friends with three dogs and the question came up of if she can we were sure she would do anything we’d ask of her, within reason. Recalling her attempts at embarking the cat stand we denied that she ever tried.

We traveled outside to a wall-less deck and it didn’t take long, nor much encouragement before Corona jumped down into the open field. The other dogs weren’t long to follow. A steep hill made it much more difficult for our dog to jump back up.

Jumping is a skill we have to work on Continue reading

Corona Shuffle

Difficult to catch with stills, the Corona shuffle is definitely a sight to see. Since we chose not to cut our dog’s ears when they get the least bit dirty she pleads with us to constantly rub them. We are always more than willing as it as a very humourous effect.

Firstly, her back leg opposite the ear we rub begins to shake but quickly begins to keep a beat (all her own). Depending on the pace of our rub the beat quickens or slows. It’s most tricky for our dog when we rub both ears as she can never decide which leg should take action. We’re careful only to do this when someone is there to catch her if she tries to keep the beat with both legs.

Although our dog doesn’t mind when we clean Continue reading

Out of the Mix

With so many dogs in one place it’s difficult to ensure everyone participates in the activities. At one point Okie decided to sit at the sidelines and observe the gathering. Although she must have thought the event was fun he seemed much more comfortable on the leather chair than amongst the other dogs.

Eventually the pull was just too strong and he jumped back into the party, fortunately he was welcomed back with open paws. It didn’t take any time at all before Okie wanted another break only this time the others wouldn’t let him.

The dogs had a blast but seemed to be happy Continue reading

In the Line of Fire

When you’re a dog person all dogs know it and play on that part of your personality. My husband is definitely a dog lover which is very obvious when you see how quickly these dogs are attracted to him.

It may look hard to stand out of the line of fire while these dogs play together but my husband always positions himself in the middle of it. When this happens not only does it tire him out but the dogs, too.

Although I am a dog lover I love all animals and Continue reading