Monthly Archives: April 2006

Corona Sandwich

Usually when people make a sandwich they do so without including their dog. On this day our dog just wouldn’t stay away from me long enough for me to prepare lunch. After trying to amuse her with various chew toys I gave up with the ordinary and tried something new.

Since the pillows did need cleaning, I took off their covers and put them n the basket. This peaked our dogs curiosity and she quickly got between them which got her out from under me.

Still lying between the pillows when I returned Continue reading

Purple Hippo

When we bought our dog a purple hippo we never realized what it would mean to Corona. She is so gentle with it that we feel bad about discarding it, intact, just because it’s dirty. But we realize when the time is near and have learned to buy another one before we do throw out the old one.

The first time we have to replace her hippo we did so with a pretty pink one believing that all hippos would be all the same to our dog. Very quickly our dog informed us otherwise by ignoring the ‘pink hippo’ altogether.

We now know how selective our dog is Continue reading

Sweet Dreams

When we purchased Corona’s new bed we knew she liked it right away but it took our cat a few weeks to show his interest. We think it may have had more to do with the big white dog curled up on it than the pillow itself.

Once Russ warmed up to the pillow he often stole it from our dog and there are a few times they share it. If we’re really quiet our cat and dog have been known to curl up with each other for long periods of time.

Although my husband enjoys Continue reading