Monthly Archives: May 2006


At the mention of a drive Corona absolutely acts stupid, racing around the house charging through anything and everything in her way. No matter where we are going or what we’re doing, this dog is up for the ride.

Once in the car, depending on what she has done that day, she either continues her famous prance or lays right down. When she comes to pick me up at work I have to be careful when getting in or else she’ll smother me with kisses.

On this particular day, after running with Continue reading

Side by Side

As difficult as it is to have two dogs sit still long enough to take a decent picture, it has to be at least ten times harder to have three dogs cooperate. Although Fred was just out of the shot getting all three in the same area was impossible to do.

Waiting until the dogs were tired out we were finally able to have the dogs listen to us. Wanting to lay down in the grass more than sitting pretty for a picture, I was on the ready to get the best possible shot.

Unfortunately, the attention to his friends made Fred jealous and he seemed to be on a mission to distract our models. Thankfully, Fred’s owner was able to keep him laying down while getting Okie to sit and we Continue reading

Can I Come Too?

Whenever we leave the house our dog wants to go along for the ride, she doesn’t even care where we are going. Often times we see her looking longingly out our front window, sometimes with the cat beside her, and sometimes we see her sneak in before we close the door and gives us one last look as if to say “did you forget something?”

Although it’s great having our dog go for a drive with us, sometimes the places we go aren’t quit suitable for a dog and we have to leave her home. She loves it if we do take her a stop for a coffee, ice cream or just something as the drive-thru’s often see her head out the window (it’s hard to miss) and feed her some type of treat.

So even though we leave without Corona more times than she would Continue reading