Monthly Archives: June 2006

(c)Ouchless Adjustment


Scared of getting a leather couch in lieu of our dog scratching it but being easily convinced by other dog owners we will not be going back to fabric any time soon.  Her tiny hairs simply wipe off the couch now instead of sticking to it.

It certainly didn’t take as long as we thought it would to break our dog of the habit of sitting on the couch.  Thankfully we now have the entire couch to ourselves. 

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Beer Belly


Have we, by naming our dog Corona, cursed her into having a beer belly or is it a result of Corona adjusting to our lifestyle?  The latter is more likely with our schedule and we certainly don’t hold it against her.

From sleeping in on weekends to eating right before bed our dog makes us proud.  Neither of us would enjoy having her cold nose on our shoulder in the morning.

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Meet Rufus


Rufus, the Shitsu and Miniature German Shepard, was recently adopted by my sister-in-law and family and, at three months old, still has a lot of growing up to do and will encounter a lot of growing pains while doing so. I just hope that his family will have the patience to deal with all the things that come with having a puppy.

Adopted into a family of four cats, a non animal lover, two kids and an already stressed out father Rufus has a lot against him and is spending his time resting for the future endeavours. Already he’s enjoying the drives to his grandparents house who don’t mind as Grammy is a dog lover and Grampy seems to love this particular dog (may have everything to do with the size and the lazy personality of the dog).

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Bouncing Puppy, Sleeping Dog

DSC00461.JPGWe’re extremely thankful that our dog easily adjusted to our sleep patterns and has learned (and is still learning) to take her naps while we relax. Her obnoxious behaivour is a bit tiring but she has come a long way through the years.

Only twenty percent of a dog’s sleep is deep sleep which is when dogs dream. The other eighty percent of the time we try to be extremely quiet and let the sleeping dog be still.

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Corona’s on the Front Page!! (of the Life and Times)

Corona’s in the local newspaper! Because all of you are not able to get the Moncton newspaper we wanted to be sure you didn’t miss out on the beginning of our dog’s modelling career. Just visit to see her now and read all about her on the Times and Transcript website.

A career in modelling takes a lot of hard work and energy but this dog is definitely up for the challenge. Just ask her for a picture and she’ll sit still just long enough for you to take the perfect one.

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