Monthly Archives: July 2006

I’m Not Going In


Roo the tiny yet stubborn dog that she is decided she wasn’t quite ready for what her master was ready for.  Already having her toes in the water Kyleen was pretty immune to its temperature but she didn’t consider the fact that her dog wasn’t.

Not wanting to proceed but not weighing enough to matter much this dog was soon to get a taste of refreshing salt water.  With every wave this dog seemed to let herself get closer to shore but Ky seemed determined to see this dog swim and continued to pull her in.

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Kids Coaxing Dog


After removing their shoes and giving Roo plenty of time to think about the upcoming adventures Kyleen and Ian began trying to coax this dog into the water.  Not having too much experience in this field it was quite a humourous thing to watch.

Not only was Roo curious about the waves rushing in but it seemed this dog was watching all the other dogs bravely handling the cooling sea.  I’m sure the size of all the other dogs was considered in Roo’s mind but she wasn’t ever one to let her small stature get in the way.

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First Time Swim


Dogs are very much like people in the sense that while some just love to swim others can do without.  The only real way to tell if your new dog likes to go for a dip is to bring him or her to water.  That is exactly what our niece and nephew did on a hot summer’s day.

While Corona barely hesitated with jumping in, Roo was more calculating in her actions.  Being dragged down the sand by a ‘loving’ tug her master was much more lenient when she reached the waters edge.  This dog wasn’t sure what to do and thought about the next stop for as long as she could.

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Her Tag Says Roo


After the confusion of this dogs sex Rufus the dog needed to be blessed with a new name.  Having ‘no name’ for a while this dog’s extended family just couldn’t decide on just one.

From Ru, to Abbie, Swiffer, Rucifer, to Lucy the suggestions were endless but the final word was to be said by the dog’s adoptive mother.

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Just Who Is Ru?


Being taken to the vet just a few weeks ago my sister-in-law was shocked at the findings.  When adopted from the breeder this family was told they were adopting a male Shitsu/ mini German Sheppard mix and was three months old.

When Heather took ‘Rufus’ to the vet she asked some gender specific questions and was quickly advised that the family was mistaken.  A pretty obvious thing to miss but Rufus us a girl and a bit older than originally thought and the breed they were told doesn’t even exist.

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