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A moment of heritage for Papa Syd, seeing my husband talking so calmly to his nephew and dog was a moving experience for all involved.

Normally all very hyper it was great to see the boys and girl take a moment to enjoy the true beauty of nature.  Not able to understand men, Corona wasn’t able to sit still for very long but the scenery seemed to hypnotize our dog long enough to get several incredible pictures.

Being cautious not to fall or let the young ones fall my husband filled both boy and dog with stories to last a lifetime.  And I have the pictures to go along with them. 

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Aqua Dog


Dogs can be quite humourous in any activity they participate in so, with a camera in hand, you never know what kind of picture you’ll get.  This one, not intentional, is absolutely priceless.

With just her body submerged Corona looked like she was a submarine on a mission.  Never one to get in the way of a Dogo Argentino on a mission I stay on the sidelines and take pictures.

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In the Middle of Things


Always fighting to be the center of attention Corona just loves it when all other ‘Toronto’s’ are out of her spotlight.  After sniffing everyone out this dog was satisfied just sitting amongst the people.

While conversation continued regarding almost everything but Corona she sat contentedly basking in her glory.

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Can’t Believe She Was Swimming


With such short and thin hair it doesn’t take long for a Dogo Argentino to dry.  Whether it’s at the groomers or out for a swim the air alone is enough to dry this dog in minutes.

Amazed at the difference in the wetness of his dog compared to ours, Ian looked at Corona as if he had never seen her before.  The one coat of short fur is wonderful when we need to put Corona back in the car and forget a towel.

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Lovely Bunch of Polka Dots


Dogo Argentino’s were originally made up of many different breeds but we see many more breeds in Corona.  Earlier we’ve seen her resemblance to a retriever but this picture shows her appearance more like that of a Dalmation.

Immensely enjoying the fact that we own such a rare breed we are quick to distinguish Corona’s breed.  When onlookers see that our dog is nothing they’ve ever seen before they usually approach us to ask and we’re more than happy to explain.

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