Monthly Archives: September 2006

Posing with my Parents


Never an animal lover nor someone who enjoyed having her picture taken, the opportunity couldn’t be missed when Corona sat in front of my mother.  Not objecting to having her picture taken I took several pictures but our dog didn’t want to comply.

Wanting to be on the grass until food was dropped this dog was back and forth more than a clocks pendulum.  Great for us as her getting up and down in the hot sun seemed to drain her of any access energy.

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Ru Tries for a Treat


Ru is a dog who’s determined to please no matter what the situation.  Easily taking the center of attention away from the older dog Ru began sniffing out the treats and trying to determine what she needed to do to get one.

Having lots of treats on hand to feed our dog they seemed to be shooting out of my husbands hands for Ru, Corona, and – oops, Russ the cat.  Then Ru ran around cleaning up the crumbs in places neither Corona nor Russ could fit.

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Cowgirl Corona


Cowgirl_Corona_1.JPGWith a tolerant pooch that’s been compared to a horse and a cowboy hat in the horse and a cowboy hat in the house we couldn’t pass on the opportunity for pictures.  Her patience and tolerance was enough to impress every dog skeptic in the house and even they commented on her looks.

Not caring what we put on her as long as someone was paying attention to Corona.  We even had one of the guests pretend to ‘ride’ her for a picture shoot but we don’t want to ruin the surprise the guest plans.

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Diva Dogo


It’s not every day nor every dog you see willing to dress up with a feathered boa.  Our dog is always wanting to impress a crowd so will welcome anything that gives her more pizzazz.

Not normally having access to such a unique costume we relied on our ‘wild’ sister Rosie to supply this item.

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A Family Experience


With a great part of Papa Syd’s heritage sitting on the rocks I couldn’t miss the opportunity of having all the grandchildren, four legged and two legged, in one beautiful scene.  With the perfect backdrop of the sea and in the distance Apple River, Nova Scotia this picture says a lot.

Whatever the kids were discussing seemed to bore both dogs as they tried everything they could to get away.

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