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Halloween on the Farm?





Many critics believe dressing up a pet is cruel; Corona doesn’t think so.  A dog who loves attention, our Dogo Argentino would be first in line at a beauty pageant – requiring a costume or not. If people are looking at her, paying attention to her in any way is heaven to Corona.

Yes, dressing up any one that cannot talk – pet or human – may be seen as cruel but there are many other ways for someone to put forth their preference.  Our dog shows her Continue reading

Thanks for the Water, SPCA!


The people at the SPCA realized a dog park for Moncton was a good idea were thinking ahead when they had water pipes installed at it.  If we’re unable to locate Corona we always look to the ‘watering hole’ and almost always find her hogging the remaining liquid in the dish.  It’s fabulous to know, as well, that no matter what dog is drinking someone goes to refill it.

It’s amazing to see how much liquid goes through these dogs, especially after running so hard for so long.
Weaving through trees and people is not a problem for a breed intended to hunt wild boar, we just need to be sure she drinks lost of water throughout her play.

Just another small thing that deserves Continue reading

Watch Out for that Tail!


People (and dogs) always learn from experience, unfortunately that means dog and human need to experience before learning.  Word-of-mouth just isn’t enough a lot of the time.

Take Ottis for example, we’ve mentioned plenty of times how much Corona’s tail wagging can hurt.  With no fur on a Dogo Argentino’s tail to absorb the shock it’s no wonder the sting stays for a while.  But this pug was persistent with getting close enough to our dog and felt the wrath of the whip.  It seems that by growing up with Onyx Ottis has achieved a high tolerance for rough housing as he didn’t even flinch.

Leaving bruises Continue reading

Exhausted! (Finally!)


It takes a lot for this dog to tire out so when we started taking Corona to the dog park we were awed by how quickly she tires.  Out of shape from spending her days at home she went from lazy to speed demon in no time at all.  Unfortunately (or fortunately if you ask me) it caught up to her just as quickly.

In no time at all this pooch was laying down despite the uncomfortable ground as well as the many distractions around her.  We always encourage her to get up again and when she just can’t we take her home.

We imagine hearing a lot of dogs Continue reading