Monthly Archives: December 2006

Happy Boxing Day


Twas the night after Christmas
when all through North Pole
Not a helper was stirring
Not an elf nor a troll.
The snowflakes were falling
Out the window with grace
In plans to have St Nicholas
Storm stayed for days.
The children worldwide
Still playing with toys
While the Mr and Mrs
Snuggled with joy.
And Corona (the newest reindeer)
With Russ his trainee
Snuck in to bed
And giggled with glee.
When out of the sack
There arose such a rumble
Santa sprang from his slumber
Trying to avoid a stumble.
Away to the garage
He looked into his sleigh
Saw his cell phone flashing
And wished it would go away.
The rumble was a child
Text messaging a list
Mr Claus became upset
That the point of the gift was missed.
Given for safety
And not to message him
The messages wouldn’t stop
They kept pouring in.
Turning the phone off
And getting back to bed
Visions of new hires
Danced in his head.
Techies and cell addicts
Would fit the bill
But the advertisements
Would wait until
He slept through the night
With loved ones by his side
Resting for the work to do
Before the next years ride.  
The new year was coming
Too soon for those at the pole
But time will pass
And sleep will play its role.
Till next time from the North
The crew wishes you
Happiness with family
And your loved ones, too!