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Soccer Dogo


Dogo Argentino’s are known to be active dogs so we try our best to tire out Corona although it doesn’t happen very often.  When we do though, we’re thankful because then we can concentrate on other businesses at hand.

Soccer is one game this Dogo Argentino loves to play, whether by herself or with a friend.  She treats her soccer balls very nicely but sometimes does it carried away and punctures them but it doesn’t take long for us to get her a replacement.

Although Corona may be better at football (especially when Russ is involved) soccer is a fun sport that can be played by all.

Corona: A Dogo Argentino Breed of Dog

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New Year’s Eve at our Place

(Please note that no animals were harmed or drunk in this photo shoot.  In fact, the animals didn’t drink a sip as we only give them water and sometimes a little milk for the kitty.)


Corona, ready for a New Years Eve Party with a full case of her favourite beer – Corona, of course!


After one drink…


Corona put her on her butt!


Laying down now, getting ready for the fourth.


Maybe the fourth is her limit?


Corona the next morning.  A bit Hung Over?


Russ likes to "mix" it up.


Who’s in charge now? hehehe


The next day – the ENTIRE day.

Hope you had fun without the hangover!  Have a great 2007!