Happy Campers


When company comes to town we never know whether it’s best to leave Corona at home or to take her with us.  It was very reassuring to see how quickly Brian, Paul’s cousin, took a liking to her.

Although some of the other cousin’s could have done without the visit from this Dogo Argentino Brian really enjoyed spending time petting (and licking?) her.  When he left for Halifax for a few days we are told Brian couldn’t stop talking about her.  With every Corona piece of attire he would miss her more and more.

But the company is back on the road and Corona is completely exhausted and will catch up on some sleep in the days to come.  The visit was wonderful and everyone, including Corona, just can’t wait until the next time they visit again.  Even Roo, with all of her energy was tired out with all the activities. 

To all who are driving home: eat from the safe menu on your way and drive within the speed limit!

Corona: A Dogo Argentino Breed of Dog

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