Happy Birthday Corona!


Corona is 4 years old today!  In celebration of her birthday I took her to "play" in a huge pile of fallen leaves and she had a blast!

Over at grammy and grampy’s house she always wants all of the attention so when I brought her out for the photo shoot she couldn’t contain her excitement.  Although this picture may look like Corona is sad she is really just reflecting on her past four years and how it took her this long to be able to play in the leaves.

The work was on us, however, as once she was done frolicking we had to bag them and, believe me, there was a lot of leaves.  In total, at Gram and Gramp’s, 38 bags were filled – and these were LARGE bags! 

More to come in the next few days… we still have Halloween pictures to upload but didn’t want to do so on this girl’s birthday.

Corona: A Dogo Argentino Breed of Dog

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