The Bad News: Saying Goodbye


No, Corona didn’t pass, thank goodness but we, as pet owners, know we do have to consider what happens when she does and then live like she never will. 

Every pet owner and even potential pet owner does have to consider the effects on the family due to the loss of a beloved pet. The aspect has to be dealt with but its sudden impact is dependent on how the family prepares for it.

Talk to your family and anyone concerned about the memories (good and silly) they will cherish after the animals passing. Take lots of pictures, if you’re crafty prepare a scrapbook, a website if you’re the least bit technical, or work your pet into your talent of choice – be creative!

And the old cliché: live everyday with your pet as if it were your last.

After the pets passing, there are many options on the market that offer you a simple way to remember a loved one.

Corona: A Dogo Argentino Breed of Dog

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