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Trophy Dog?

First Place Dog

First Place Dog

This Dogo Argentino sits high and mighty on her stand, looking at us as if she’s a prime candidate for adoption even though she’s already been adopted. After a wonderful walk, Corona was all play and would still do anything for a great camera shot.

Although we know how far this dogo will go to have her picture taken we don’t push Corona past her limits and just have fun with her. Her patience and desire to please are characteristics of Dogo Argentinos but she loves proving to us what her personality offers, too.

If you ever have the chance to adopt a Dogo Argentino I suggest you do and that you have your camera ready!

Halloween Again, and This Time with a Guest

Charlie, our adopted Mini Schnauzer and Cairn Terrier, didn’t realize what he was getting into coming over during the Halloween weekend but loved every minute of it. It was very difficult to get only him in a lot of pictures as our photogenic Dogo was jealous of him getting the spot light.

It wasn’t all fun and games during our Halloween weekend of festivities, Charlie was in boot camp to learn a few tricks as well as to learn to settle down. We simply incorporated pictures, dress-up and attitude into his lessons and he took part with eagerness. This is one dog who could care less about wearing clothes.

We let our mature Dogo Argentino do some of the training for us by simmering the hyperness of the puppy and teaching him to go to bed. Russ did his part, as well, by teaching Charlie his boundaries and making sure he didn’t infiltrate his room.
All in all it was a pretty good weekend with trick or treaters, party crashers and frights for all to enjoy. :) Can’t wait to see what happens next Halloween.