Monthly Archives: July 2009

Charlie’s Visit

When we took Charlie, Paul’s sister’s dog, to the Riverview Dog Park last weekend we really didn’t know what we’d be getting into. Charlie loves the park, so did Corona when she was a few years younger and a bit feistier, and we planned this to get rid of his exuberant puppy pacing.

He certainly did some running, jumping, playing and humping while he was there and Corona, our usually energetic Dogo Argentino, watched and he was the laugh of the park while we put up with it. When he stopped running and started focusing on a particular dog we had to high tail it out of there before too much more happened.

Grateful for the experience of Charlie and Corona at the dog park, it certainly took the life out of our old dog and didn’t stop this young pup from traveling the hallways when we got him home.