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This Dogo Argentino is Looking for a New Home

No, Corona is not looking for a new family but is sniffing out a new home. We’re in the city where she spends most of her days indoors and we all know how much Dogo Argentino’s love to run and explore.

We want to provide Corona the fenced in yard she so deserves and a house where she can have her own room to play in.

Corona wants a new home

Corona wants a new home

While we take this dog out as much as we can, with the new addition to our family she doesn’t get out as often as she’d like. You can help us make her dream of a fenced in yard to run in a reality.

Pepsi is hosting a Refresh Everything contest which gives us the opportunity to win $100 000 (you can enter a submission after August 31st, 2010) so we can build a house with straw bales. For more information on this just visit or

Make sure you let us know that you’ve submitted an idea when it opens again and we’ll support you all the way.

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Sarah Butland

It’s been a while again…

Finally a long walk!

Finally a long walk!

I have to apologize, I’ve had so much on the go these past months that not only has it been difficult to get a new post up about our Dogo Argentino it’s been difficult to get her out for a walk. She’s definitely feeling it.

Not ten minutes into our almost hour long walk she was panting and ready to turn around. She made it, though, and so did we. There wasn’t a bug in the air, the sun was warm enough to tempt us in having a Corona but the wind blew lightly enough to keep us enjoying the day.

It’s days like this day I love the most. With family, immediate and extended, sun and a breeze and the afternoon to enjoy it all. Hopefully while I’m off this summer I can get our Dogo out more and now that things have maintained some sort of normalcy I can get back to blogging here.

Thanks for coming back to visit,

Sarah Butland

Vote For My “Brother”

William, my new brother, was entered into a contest to be on the cover of a magazine!! He was only two months old when this picture was taken of him already learning to read! I’m so very proud of him.

Sending You Sammy Loved by All

Sending You Sammy Loved by All

In the previous post you saw Russ and me preparing to play with him; although he’s still too little to really play he’s growing bigger every day.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a magazine with him on it? I’m so jealous.

Always your dogo argentino,