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With Age Comes Wisdom

Corona looks like she’s ready to pounce on anything that moves (including our cat Russ) if they move the wrong way but she’s really just playing with Paul.

Corona ready to strike

Corona ready to strike

Most Dogo Argentino’s can be mistaken for a horse by the size of them but this one certainly loves to horse around besides. With Paul always getting her riled up and me trying to settle her down this is one confused dog. She just feels very lucky to have the horsing around time when I’m not here and time to rest up when I am.

As she continues to show signs of aging the wrestling seems to have gotten her ever more tired as the years pass on but that’s ok as Paul’s slowing down a bit, too. :)

Corona Is Spoiled

Corona chowing down
Corona loves going to her grandparents house (as mentioned in previous posts) and above is a big reason why. With treats being saved “just for her” it’s no wonder the little dog visitors don’t get offered something so monstrous – it’s almost as big as Corona’s head!

With an audience used to feeding their dog a rawhide that lasts for month the prediction that it would take Corona a month to get through was smashed – it took less than 30 minutes to break it in half.

Corona will always love visiting and being spoiled by Gran as long as we let her and take her home (and out a few times) afterwards.

Dreaming Away Winter

Winter is finally here and Corona wants no part of how it’s coming in. With ice and rain, freezing cold temperatures, Corona is left wondering where her snow is.

Dogo Argentino’s, being from Argentina, are not used to the cold but this Dogo LOVES the snow. She could be outside playing in snow all day despite her short fur and shivering but we have to drag her in after a while (we’re freezing, too). Only this winter is more of ice and dampness and this dog has already had her fair share.

So on days like today she’s thankful for her pillow and bed, electric and propane heat and Corona will be content enough to dream of the games in snow to come (she’s realized they’re inevitable).

Trophy Dog?

First Place Dog

First Place Dog

This Dogo Argentino sits high and mighty on her stand, looking at us as if she’s a prime candidate for adoption even though she’s already been adopted. After a wonderful walk, Corona was all play and would still do anything for a great camera shot.

Although we know how far this dogo will go to have her picture taken we don’t push Corona past her limits and just have fun with her. Her patience and desire to please are characteristics of Dogo Argentinos but she loves proving to us what her personality offers, too.

If you ever have the chance to adopt a Dogo Argentino I suggest you do and that you have your camera ready!

Halloween Again, and This Time with a Guest

Charlie, our adopted Mini Schnauzer and Cairn Terrier, didn’t realize what he was getting into coming over during the Halloween weekend but loved every minute of it. It was very difficult to get only him in a lot of pictures as our photogenic Dogo was jealous of him getting the spot light.

It wasn’t all fun and games during our Halloween weekend of festivities, Charlie was in boot camp to learn a few tricks as well as to learn to settle down. We simply incorporated pictures, dress-up and attitude into his lessons and he took part with eagerness. This is one dog who could care less about wearing clothes.

We let our mature Dogo Argentino do some of the training for us by simmering the hyperness of the puppy and teaching him to go to bed. Russ did his part, as well, by teaching Charlie his boundaries and making sure he didn’t infiltrate his room.
All in all it was a pretty good weekend with trick or treaters, party crashers and frights for all to enjoy. :) Can’t wait to see what happens next Halloween.