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A Huge Thank You to Bev and Nature



Either everyone in Moncton assumes that all "XL" dogs are furry or that we live in the tropics and our dogs do not need to be dressed.  Either way, here are no jackets in Moncton for Corona so we had to extend our hunt to Montreal, Quebec.

Here we met up with Paul’s cousin, Bev, who was awesome enough to go on the hunt with us.  Nature, a store she has very close ties with, had everything we needed for our dog and cat.

Corona is seen here wearing the coat Bev helped us get and our dog is extremely impressed with the idea of going outside and not freezing in the winter.

Russ doesn’t know what to think of the toy Bev recommended for him (exercise is highly over rated) but he’s pretty easy going and will try everything at least once.

We also need to thank the people at Nature as they helped us to identify the odd things growing in our fish tank as well as recommended how to get rid of them.

We’ll definitely be back to Nature next time we’re in Montreal!
Thanks so much you guys!


Corona: A Dogo Argentino Breed of Dog


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Awesome Powers


Very like us, when we buy one fish we usually go home with another.  This one caught my eye as soon as I looked at the tanks and I just couldn’t bear to part with it.  Once my husband decided to purchase the starfish I begged him, very slightly, to buy it and he, like the sweetheart that he is, bought it without much argument.

The store owner explained that people have nicked named this fish “Awesome Powers” for his rainbow like colours and groovy wiggles.  We won’t argue with the public and his nickname followed him home.

Difficult as it was to get Continue reading

That’s One Big Starfish!


When going to the fish store to pick up some water for our fish tank we were introduced to “biggest starfish the owner had ever seen.”  Right away its hideous appearance traumatized us but its size peaked our interest.  We began to list all of the fish we currently have to the owner in order to ensure they would all get along. 

Reassuring us that they would my husband asked its price and quickly decided we needed to have the biggest starfish around.  When the usual bags wouldn’t hold this monster the owner put him in a regular sized grocery bag.

Thrashing about on our way home we knew we had one Continue reading

Corona’s Fishy Friends

Our dogs newest family members consist of sea life which Corona has a hard time dealing with. Chasing the cat seems to rank much higher on our dogs to do list than watching the fish.

Both my husband and I were delighted to see one of our Perks take a liking to our anemone. Our fish dealer suggested another anemone as the clown fish tend to like certain ones but the one we decided on is a lot prettier than the other one was. It’s great to see a growing family remain a happy one.

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Something’s Fishy About This

Not too long after our dog saw something fishy added to our living room but she never truly realized how right she was. When our friend adopted Fred we adopted his fish tank quipped with fish.

We often catch her admiring the different colours, or her reflection, but without our guide she doesn’t get too close (to the best of our knowledge). We’ve since added more sea life which seems to have impressed our dog, remaining in the tank Corona still feels like she’s in charge.

We have three ever popular Nemo’s (clown fish) and a Flame Hawk which we named Continue reading