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It’s been a while again…

Finally a long walk!

Finally a long walk!

I have to apologize, I’ve had so much on the go these past months that not only has it been difficult to get a new post up about our Dogo Argentino it’s been difficult to get her out for a walk. She’s definitely feeling it.

Not ten minutes into our almost hour long walk she was panting and ready to turn around. She made it, though, and so did we. There wasn’t a bug in the air, the sun was warm enough to tempt us in having a Corona but the wind blew lightly enough to keep us enjoying the day.

It’s days like this day I love the most. With family, immediate and extended, sun and a breeze and the afternoon to enjoy it all. Hopefully while I’m off this summer I can get our Dogo out more and now that things have maintained some sort of normalcy I can get back to blogging here.

Thanks for coming back to visit,

Sarah Butland

Corona and My Belly

With a little one on the way we’re trying to keep the animals as involved as possible. Russ has already tried out the playpen briefly and Corona keeps sniffing everything that we move in.

When we were doing what could be our last photo shoot we had to include our cat and Dogo Argentino in the run. Both were curious but quickly grew impatient – I’m sure it won’t be anything like when we bring home their new brother.

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with labour, delivery and introductions.

Why there haven’t been updates

With a little one on the way things have been quite hectic: sleeping when I can, working, getting the house ready, planning visits, etc and I haven’t been able to update this site much. I promise I will, especially once the baby arrives as we’ll have plenty of introduction videos to show the world.

For now, with Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales – Volume One being my primary focus (except for the growing family, of course) I regret that my time with Corona hasn’t been enough to warrant picture taking but things will get settled somewhat soon, or at least into a bit of a routine again.

Team Outing Goes to the Dogs

This was one team outing Corona, our Dogo Argentino, and the other dogs in our team loved to participate in. We dog owners took our pets, big and small, to the Centennial Dog Park where we battled only mosquitoes.

Although our Dogo Argentino among other dogs were not up to their usual rambunctious selves and we’ll never know why. There was a lot of sniffing, some exploring, many introductions and overall a pretty fun evening.

We now know what works and will have to arrange something again real soon.

Charlie’s Visit

When we took Charlie, Paul’s sister’s dog, to the Riverview Dog Park last weekend we really didn’t know what we’d be getting into. Charlie loves the park, so did Corona when she was a few years younger and a bit feistier, and we planned this to get rid of his exuberant puppy pacing.

He certainly did some running, jumping, playing and humping while he was there and Corona, our usually energetic Dogo Argentino, watched and he was the laugh of the park while we put up with it. When he stopped running and started focusing on a particular dog we had to high tail it out of there before too much more happened.

Grateful for the experience of Charlie and Corona at the dog park, it certainly took the life out of our old dog and didn’t stop this young pup from traveling the hallways when we got him home.