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Irishtown Dog Obstacle Course

We were recently invited to watch a friend of ours participate in a local canine obstacle course so we made sure to go. With one of their Pomeranian’s, Sam, in hand Christine explained to us all the rules and events before taking the stage herself.

Paul joked that it would be hilarious to see Corona, our Dogo Argentino, take the course just to see how she would react. Although Corona has the intelligence to complete the task she certainly doesn’t have the focus, especially with other dogs around, to run the full course on track.

Sam and Christine did a fabulous job to which Paul and I applaud. We would love to be invited again so that we can be sure we know when they are performing again.

Doggy Daycare

This dog's only a little big for this tiny bed.

This dog's only a little big for this tiny bed.

This bed is just right for this little pup.

This bed is just right for this little pup.

Ahhh... this is comfy!

Ahhh... this is comfy!

It seems, as of late, we’ve opened a doggy day care or training camp for dogs and it’s great to see the dogs actually enjoying themselves. The small dog in this picture is Roo, my sister-in-laws dog, and spent the night with us while they were away at a curling tournament.

Corona, our Dogo Argentino, was only a teensy bit jealous of the visitor and showed us in many different ways, one of which seen here. Although Roo is a bit afraid of our cat Russ (hence not an easy photo shoot and no pictures…yet) she enjoyed the company of a big dog teaching her how to behave.

I’m sure Roo will someday be welcomed back by all but for now her parents are on their way to pick her up.

Brain Tales – Volume One Available Now

Brain Tales - Volume One

After publishing Sending You Sammy I decided to appeal to older readers with a collection of short stories which reflect my past, present and future. The stories in Brain Tales – Volume One are sure to make you think, smile and wonder what comes next.

Available now through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and locally at Cover to Cover Books in Riverview as well as Read’s Newstand in Moncton and Riverview, Brain Tales is a must read.

Am I Food?

Getting Hungry?

Getting Hungry?

Corona was outside for the better part of the day while Paul cleaned up some of his parents leaves/ front lawn. This Dogo Argentino was loving the warm weather and the free time to play with the floating/ blowing winds while Paul tried to gather them all.

When I joined it was all about getting inside for some grub and you can tell this by this random picture of her. Licking her chops just thinking about the fabulous pork chop fat she would be getting after supper this picture was a sure sign of her being hungry.

Once the playing and working was done the three humans and the Dogo all came in out of the wind for some relaxation, supper and drinks. Day well spent for at least one of them :).

Autumn Colours and The White Aura

On Thanksgiving Day Paul and I decided to take Corona for a walk and enjoy the brilliantly coloured trees. It wasn’t long before Corona was making us realize that it’s been a while since we took her for a walk as she was both excited and exhausted pretty quickly.

It was a great opportunity to get our Dogo Argentino contrasted against fall foliage so that’s what we did. Corona was just excited to get a small respite from her constant sniffing and walking/ jogging.

Trying to stay out of the picture while still keeping her on the leash can be difficult but we managed and was able to get this great portrait of her.

Tomorrow is her professional shoot day so look out for those pictures.