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Frisbee Fun with Corona

Corona loves to go after pieces of wood and will do so until she’s blue from cold if we let her. Balls just don’t hold her attention nearly as much so when we took our frisbee to the beach we didn’t know what to expect.

Chalking her disinterest up to being her first time at the beach in a year we kept up the encouraging words until the rain made us stop. After a few more visits and practice runs we’re sure Corona will love playing frisbee almost as much as she loves fetching a stick.

Corona Gets A Bone

Corona Gets a Stick

Corona Gets a Stick

Corona loves to swim, especially if she has a stick to retrieve and it doesn’t matter the size. As long as this Dogo Argentino can see it she’ll get it again and again and again.

Dogo Argentino’s are certainly known for their great amount of endurance and perseverance and Corona is no exception. We usually tire of throwing it before we see her slow down. But with balls Corona just doesn’t care unless there’s another dog who wants it.

Although the water makes her stink it sure does slow her pacing at home!