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Vote For My “Brother”

William, my new brother, was entered into a contest to be on the cover of a magazine!! He was only two months old when this picture was taken of him already learning to read! I’m so very proud of him.

Sending You Sammy Loved by All

Sending You Sammy Loved by All

In the previous post you saw Russ and me preparing to play with him; although he’s still too little to really play he’s growing bigger every day.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a magazine with him on it? I’m so jealous.

Always your dogo argentino,


Corona Is Spoiled

Corona chowing down
Corona loves going to her grandparents house (as mentioned in previous posts) and above is a big reason why. With treats being saved “just for her” it’s no wonder the little dog visitors don’t get offered something so monstrous – it’s almost as big as Corona’s head!

With an audience used to feeding their dog a rawhide that lasts for month the prediction that it would take Corona a month to get through was smashed – it took less than 30 minutes to break it in half.

Corona will always love visiting and being spoiled by Gran as long as we let her and take her home (and out a few times) afterwards.

Corona Gets A Bone

Corona Gets a Stick

Corona Gets a Stick

Corona loves to swim, especially if she has a stick to retrieve and it doesn’t matter the size. As long as this Dogo Argentino can see it she’ll get it again and again and again.

Dogo Argentino’s are certainly known for their great amount of endurance and perseverance and Corona is no exception. We usually tire of throwing it before we see her slow down. But with balls Corona just doesn’t care unless there’s another dog who wants it.

Although the water makes her stink it sure does slow her pacing at home!

Corona Shows Her Age

Corona, although still active and occasionally annoying at home, shows her old age at the dog park when a fellow Dogo Argentino wants to play.  Jemma, still a puppy at 8 months, wants nothing more than to play with another dog and displays the infamous "I wanna play" stance while Corona turns her head to the people.

Going on five years old Corona’s showing the energy loss although she never admits defeat and will always try to keep up. 

With the humid and hot weather Isaac’s Dog Run Park is a treat for our Dogo just to get some breeze over her skin and through her short fur so she’s not too much for running until she’s cooled down enough in the water.  Although even just the fresh air and smells are enough to tire her out and have her sleep soundly.

We’ll definitely be back and Corona will be happy to feel the breeze and smell what dogs it brings.

Corona: A Dogo Argentino Breed of Dog


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