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Obstacle Course Attempt #1

From her first attempt to one of her last, Corona, our Dogo Argentino, sure made us laugh on a sunny afternoon at the cottage.

Setting up, for the first time, her complete obstacle course took more time than realizing she just didn’t have the energy to put her all into it. Corona was walked through the weave poles ok, was more than happy to sit at the pause box, quickly trotted through the open tunnel and ecstatic to sit again at the finish line. Only she couldn’t quite bring herself to make it past the first obstacle with gusto.

Catching her many attempts on still and video camera this Dogo Argentino will always be remembered for her jumping ability. Giving her some credit, she did swim tons already that morning and the day before so she was pretty tired. And, as can be our luck, she was vibrant the next day after we took the course down.

Lesson Learned?
Maybe next time we’ll start with the course and reward her with a swim!

Fill In The Blank Letters by Sarah Butland

Ok, I have to start by admitting this blog actually has nothing to do with a Dogo Argentino, Corona or our cat Russ but it’s big news for me so I thought I’d share.

I just finally went live on my second published EBook! Fill In The Blank Letters promises to give you and your child not only something to do but an easy way to light up the lives of friends and family members.

Most of my Fill In The Blank Letters are child appropriate while some are for a bit more mature audience such as teenagers. All are fun packed, literacy valued and easy to write! Just check the box, fill in the blanks with your name and who it’s to and off it goes!

Fill In The Blank Letters offer more than 45 different letters to be used to catch up, for Santa, or as reminders for things that need to get done. For just $3.00 USD you will not be disappointed!

The author of Fill In The Blank Letters is Sarah Butland who is the author of Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales – Volume One. As an emerging Canadian author she is trying her hand at everything she can to promote literacy.

She Catches It and I Catch Her!

After many attempts at getting the ball, this Dogo Argentino proved to have less stamina then I and gave up before I did. Corona loved catching the ball and playing on the beach right up until she almost collapsed from exhaustion.

We had to go back the next day, but didn’t mind, to get her to play again and renew her zest for the ball to get the second picture. The one that impresses everyone who sees it.

With all this Dogo Argentino’s power and stamina I cannot imagine what an intruder would ever think when entering our house. We can’t wait to get back out to the ocean to practice Corona’s ball catching, Paul’s leash handling and my photo-taking.

Corona Just Loves Peanut Butter!

She just loves when we finish our jar of Kraft.

She just loves when we finish our jar of Kraft.

Although Corona’s preference for Peanut Butter is simply to have it, at our household we can only have Kraft and when we finish a jar of it she’s delighted to lick the jar clean. We can only buy the big jars as we know the little ones just won’t offer our Dogo Argentino the adventure of sticking her entire muzzle to the bottom.

With even the ever lasting smell of the snack in the jar it’s difficult for us to pry the empty, licked out jar from Corona’s nose. She even has her own jar for when she gets the delicious peanut butter in a kong but it’s funnier (and more tasty) to finish ours and pass it along.

Doggy Daycare

This dog's only a little big for this tiny bed.

This dog's only a little big for this tiny bed.

This bed is just right for this little pup.

This bed is just right for this little pup.

Ahhh... this is comfy!

Ahhh... this is comfy!

It seems, as of late, we’ve opened a doggy day care or training camp for dogs and it’s great to see the dogs actually enjoying themselves. The small dog in this picture is Roo, my sister-in-laws dog, and spent the night with us while they were away at a curling tournament.

Corona, our Dogo Argentino, was only a teensy bit jealous of the visitor and showed us in many different ways, one of which seen here. Although Roo is a bit afraid of our cat Russ (hence not an easy photo shoot and no pictures…yet) she enjoyed the company of a big dog teaching her how to behave.

I’m sure Roo will someday be welcomed back by all but for now her parents are on their way to pick her up.