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She Catches It and I Catch Her!

After many attempts at getting the ball, this Dogo Argentino proved to have less stamina then I and gave up before I did. Corona loved catching the ball and playing on the beach right up until she almost collapsed from exhaustion.

We had to go back the next day, but didn’t mind, to get her to play again and renew her zest for the ball to get the second picture. The one that impresses everyone who sees it.

With all this Dogo Argentino’s power and stamina I cannot imagine what an intruder would ever think when entering our house. We can’t wait to get back out to the ocean to practice Corona’s ball catching, Paul’s leash handling and my photo-taking.

Irishtown Dog Obstacle Course

We were recently invited to watch a friend of ours participate in a local canine obstacle course so we made sure to go. With one of their Pomeranian’s, Sam, in hand Christine explained to us all the rules and events before taking the stage herself.

Paul joked that it would be hilarious to see Corona, our Dogo Argentino, take the course just to see how she would react. Although Corona has the intelligence to complete the task she certainly doesn’t have the focus, especially with other dogs around, to run the full course on track.

Sam and Christine did a fabulous job to which Paul and I applaud. We would love to be invited again so that we can be sure we know when they are performing again.

Merry Christmas to All

Every year we try to out do our Christmas picture from the year before and this one has to be the simplest one yet! With pictures already taken and a picture available depicting Paul’s new love of Rock Band we were set.

Corona, Russ and I don’t have much desire to play in the band but will do whatever is necessary to make Paul happy. I just hope he doesn’t want to go on the road any time soon as that I’m not prepared to do.

So from our Rock band to your band, we are wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. This Dogo Argentino can’t wait to see what adventures 2009 hold for her!

Halloween Again, and This Time with a Guest

Charlie, our adopted Mini Schnauzer and Cairn Terrier, didn’t realize what he was getting into coming over during the Halloween weekend but loved every minute of it. It was very difficult to get only him in a lot of pictures as our photogenic Dogo was jealous of him getting the spot light.

It wasn’t all fun and games during our Halloween weekend of festivities, Charlie was in boot camp to learn a few tricks as well as to learn to settle down. We simply incorporated pictures, dress-up and attitude into his lessons and he took part with eagerness. This is one dog who could care less about wearing clothes.

We let our mature Dogo Argentino do some of the training for us by simmering the hyperness of the puppy and teaching him to go to bed. Russ did his part, as well, by teaching Charlie his boundaries and making sure he didn’t infiltrate his room.
All in all it was a pretty good weekend with trick or treaters, party crashers and frights for all to enjoy. :) Can’t wait to see what happens next Halloween.

Am I Food?

Getting Hungry?

Getting Hungry?

Corona was outside for the better part of the day while Paul cleaned up some of his parents leaves/ front lawn. This Dogo Argentino was loving the warm weather and the free time to play with the floating/ blowing winds while Paul tried to gather them all.

When I joined it was all about getting inside for some grub and you can tell this by this random picture of her. Licking her chops just thinking about the fabulous pork chop fat she would be getting after supper this picture was a sure sign of her being hungry.

Once the playing and working was done the three humans and the Dogo all came in out of the wind for some relaxation, supper and drinks. Day well spent for at least one of them :).