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Corona Shows Her Age

Corona, although still active and occasionally annoying at home, shows her old age at the dog park when a fellow Dogo Argentino wants to play.  Jemma, still a puppy at 8 months, wants nothing more than to play with another dog and displays the infamous "I wanna play" stance while Corona turns her head to the people.

Going on five years old Corona’s showing the energy loss although she never admits defeat and will always try to keep up. 

With the humid and hot weather Isaac’s Dog Run Park is a treat for our Dogo just to get some breeze over her skin and through her short fur so she’s not too much for running until she’s cooled down enough in the water.  Although even just the fresh air and smells are enough to tire her out and have her sleep soundly.

We’ll definitely be back and Corona will be happy to feel the breeze and smell what dogs it brings.

Corona: A Dogo Argentino Breed of Dog


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