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Dreaming Away Winter

Winter is finally here and Corona wants no part of how it’s coming in. With ice and rain, freezing cold temperatures, Corona is left wondering where her snow is.

Dogo Argentino’s, being from Argentina, are not used to the cold but this Dogo LOVES the snow. She could be outside playing in snow all day despite her short fur and shivering but we have to drag her in after a while (we’re freezing, too). Only this winter is more of ice and dampness and this dog has already had her fair share.

So on days like today she’s thankful for her pillow and bed, electric and propane heat and Corona will be content enough to dream of the games in snow to come (she’s realized they’re inevitable).

Frisbee Fun with Corona

Corona loves to go after pieces of wood and will do so until she’s blue from cold if we let her. Balls just don’t hold her attention nearly as much so when we took our frisbee to the beach we didn’t know what to expect.

Chalking her disinterest up to being her first time at the beach in a year we kept up the encouraging words until the rain made us stop. After a few more visits and practice runs we’re sure Corona will love playing frisbee almost as much as she loves fetching a stick.