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Vote For My “Brother”

William, my new brother, was entered into a contest to be on the cover of a magazine!! He was only two months old when this picture was taken of him already learning to read! I’m so very proud of him.

Sending You Sammy Loved by All

Sending You Sammy Loved by All

In the previous post you saw Russ and me preparing to play with him; although he’s still too little to really play he’s growing bigger every day.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a magazine with him on it? I’m so jealous.

Always your dogo argentino,


Why there haven’t been updates

With a little one on the way things have been quite hectic: sleeping when I can, working, getting the house ready, planning visits, etc and I haven’t been able to update this site much. I promise I will, especially once the baby arrives as we’ll have plenty of introduction videos to show the world.

For now, with Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales – Volume One being my primary focus (except for the growing family, of course) I regret that my time with Corona hasn’t been enough to warrant picture taking but things will get settled somewhat soon, or at least into a bit of a routine again.

Fill In The Blank Letters by Sarah Butland

Ok, I have to start by admitting this blog actually has nothing to do with a Dogo Argentino, Corona or our cat Russ but it’s big news for me so I thought I’d share.

I just finally went live on my second published EBook! Fill In The Blank Letters promises to give you and your child not only something to do but an easy way to light up the lives of friends and family members.

Most of my Fill In The Blank Letters are child appropriate while some are for a bit more mature audience such as teenagers. All are fun packed, literacy valued and easy to write! Just check the box, fill in the blanks with your name and who it’s to and off it goes!

Fill In The Blank Letters offer more than 45 different letters to be used to catch up, for Santa, or as reminders for things that need to get done. For just $3.00 USD you will not be disappointed!

The author of Fill In The Blank Letters is Sarah Butland who is the author of Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales – Volume One. As an emerging Canadian author she is trying her hand at everything she can to promote literacy.

Brain Tales – Volume One Available Now

Brain Tales - Volume One

After publishing Sending You Sammy I decided to appeal to older readers with a collection of short stories which reflect my past, present and future. The stories in Brain Tales – Volume One are sure to make you think, smile and wonder what comes next.

Available now through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and locally at Cover to Cover Books in Riverview as well as Read’s Newstand in Moncton and Riverview, Brain Tales is a must read.